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We are an innovative, multifaceted business that brings you the highest quality products and the best customer service possible. We serve multiple segments and industry sectors with a commitment to excellence and a single objective: understanding the needs of today’s global market and supplying the products and services to meet them.

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ICU Production

ICU Production is the core of our operations and a leader in the apparel industry. Our mission is to shape the future of fashion through technology, sustainability, ethics, and speed to market.

We partner with factories and manufacturing facilities worldwide, ensuring our apparel uses the latest technologies and the finest craftsmanship. We prioritize streamlined logistics and manufacturing quality, which allows us to bring the latest trends and designs to worldwide markets. We don’t simply keep pace with on-trend fashions; we create them and deliver them directly to you.

Personal Protective Equipment - ICU PPE

Personal Protective Equipment


ICU Production is a leading manufacturer and supplier of personal protective equipment (PPE) based in Los Angeles, CA. We offer a wide range of premium-quality face masks, medical gowns, protective gloves, hand sanitizers, disinfectant wipes, and face shields. Our catalog includes a complete range of sizes, including PPE for kids, and are ASTM-rated and CDC-certified to meet the highest protective standards.

ICU Production cooperates with global PPE producers to ensure stable logistics and a steady supply of equipment for both private and public sectors. We provide our equipment to healthcare workers, private businesses, and local, state, and federal government bodies.

We understand better than anyone the need for reliability and quality service in times of need. Our company has supplied over 100 million masks and 5 million medical gowns to clients in the United States, and we are among the top 10 importers of medical nitrile gloves.

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At ICU Production, the pillars of our business are quality, innovation, and service. Explore our services and discover how we aim to bring excellence and raise the standards in each of the industries and segments we operate. Contact our team for questions or inquiries.

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