Face Shield Mask

Face Shield Mask

ICU Production is an industry leader in personal protection equipment, offering a wide array of regular face shields, glasses, and goggles to serve your infection-control and safety needs.

Our face shields are designed for comfort and built to protect. You can choose from the following varieties:

  • Regular


    Made for maximum face protection, our regular face shields can be used in tandem with our quality masks and other protective eyewear to help further shield you from infection. Our lightweight, wraparound plastic design can block or minimize bacterial and viral droplets, as well as microparticles from getting into your eyes and mouth.

  • Glasses


    Safety glasses are the most common type of protective eyewear to keep particles and droplets from entering the eyes. These reusable, one-size-fits-all glasses come with a range of features, including glare and fog-resistance to provide optimal visibility. They are available for use with or without prescription glasses.

  • Goggles


    Like safety glasses, our protective goggles shield your eyes from particles, and their form-fitting design offers an even more protective seal around the eyes. This extra sealing helps keep dust and liquids from entering your eyes.

Stay Protected With ICU Production PPE

With over a decade of serving healthcare and business professionals, ICU Production is a trusted personal protective equipment provider for your health and safety needs. We remain dedicated to providing you with the safety equipment you need to stay protected on the job.

View our extensive selection of face shields online to stay protected. If you have any inquiries about our range or order process, contact us through our online form.

Stay Protected With ICU Production PPE
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