Medical Gown

Medical Gown

At ICU Production, we offer various medical gowns, both sterile and non-sterile, to suit all your PPE needs. Our gowns follow the FDA approved ANSI/AAMI rating system, ranging from level 1 (minimal risk) to level 4 (high risk).

Our gowns are available in PP/PE or SMS, and all allow some level of protection against fluids.

  • Gowns: Level 1 CPE

    Gowns: Level 1 CPE

    Our Level 1 CPE gowns are disposable, and we recommend them for use as protection for hospital visitors, standard isolation, and basic care procedures. Use these gowns in minimal risk situations as an extra level of precaution.

  • Gowns: Level 2

    Gowns: Level 2

    Our level 2 gowns protect against low-risk exposure. Choose from PP/PE or SMS material and sterile and non-sterile options. We recommend this level for medical personnel drawing blood, working in the ICU, and suturing.

  • Gowns: Level 3

    Gowns: Level 3

    Level 3 gowns are rated for moderate risk. Choose from sterile or non-sterile material, and wear them in the ER, while treating trauma cases, or performing an arterial blood draw,

  • Gowns: Level 4

    Gowns: Level 4

    Level 4 gowns offer protection even in high-risk situations. These are rated for surgery, fluid-intense or lengthy procedures, or if you suspect the presence of a non-airborne infectious pathogen.

  • Gowns: Level 4 Coveralls

    Gowns: Level 4 Coveralls

    Like our level 4 gowns, these coveralls offer a high level of protection from fluids. They allow easier movement and may be preferable in certain situations. Our level 4 coveralls come in PE/PP or SMS material and can be sterile or non-sterile.

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ICU Production is certified by the FDA and CDC, and all our products follow the strict regulations dictated by these organizations. Contact us by email or on our online form to learn more about our extensive range of PPE products.

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