Level 4 Medical Gown

Level 4 Medical Gown

Level 4 medical gowns are rated for surgery and lengthy, fluid-heavy procedures. They can be used to protect from non-airborne infectious pathogens and are suitable for high-risk situations.

The FDA recognizes ANSI/ AAMI PB70:2012 as the standard for medical gowns, as laid out by the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI). AAMI level 4 surgical gowns provide sufficient protection for scenarios with a high risk of exposure to bodily fluid or non-airborne viruses.

According to these standards, a level 4 medical gown should prevent fluid and virus penetration for up to one hour. There is also a barrier protection test that is conducted with simulated blood that contains a virus. There can be no trace of the virus found under the gown for a gown to pass the testing process.

Our level 4 surgical gowns pass inspection across all critical zones, encompassing the front of the gown, including the front chest area, the sleeves, the sleeve seam, and the front belt attachment point (if it is in the front chest area). These are most at-risk areas for contact during a procedure. The back area of a surgical gown is not required to be protective.

For dependable personal protective equipment that adheres to AAMI and FDA guidelines, choose ICU Productions. ICU Productions offer medical gowns in levels 1-4, plus level 4 coveralls. An array of other personal protective equipment products are also available.

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