How Do You Find Quality PPE Suppliers

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, purchasing personal protective equipment (PPE) has proven challenging. Missing deliveries, theft of PPE products, high costs, PPE shortages, and inadequate equipment have all been reported in the media. Access to PPE is crucial, especially when healthcare workers worldwide require 89 million masks for protection.

When you buy the wrong kind of gloves or masks, you may end up paying much more for worker injuries and medical bills. You need a reliable PPE supplier that knows how to meet demand and pay attention to customer service and quality. Consider these factors in your decision-making to prioritize the safety and health of your employees.

1. Shared Values

Organizations frequently stop looking for a supplier once they find one that meets their needs, resulting in overpaying or receiving substandard products. COVID-19, however, will remain a part of life for the foreseeable future, and companies are beginning to adopt longer-term medical devices and solutions rather than panic-buying PPE products. Choosing a long-term PPE supplier will be essential for many organizations.

When choosing a PPE supplier, ensure their values align with yours. You might also choose a PPE supplier that has donated PPE to healthcare workers in the height of the pandemic, like ICU Production Inc. Finding a supplier who shares your company’s values will go a long way toward developing a mutually beneficial partnership.

2. Owner-Operated Business

There are several benefits to working with a small business reputable PPE supplier. Unlike big chains, local businesses depend on their reputations and word of mouth to grow without substantial advertising budgets.

An excellent local PPE supplier can offer recommendations, high-quality equipment, and sound advice. Buying local can also help you save on shipping costs while supporting local PPE production.

3. Certifications

A solid relationship with your supplier means nothing if the items they provide are substandard. There will be organizations with more stringent criteria than others, but once you have determined the certifications and requirements that the PPE your workers wear needs to meet, you cannot compromise. 

PPE suppliers who are trustworthy should be open about who certifies their products and where they are manufactured. They should never hesitate to provide proof of certificates. ICU Productions Inc. is FDA and CE approved, as well as registered with the FDA and the SAM for your peace of mind.

quality PPE suppliers

4. Fast Delivery

An excellent PPE supplier will make their delivery processes transparent and convenient for customers. If multiple suppliers claim to be able to deliver your face shields in six weeks, but one claims to be able to deliver in four weeks, you need to ask why. They may be overpromising to lock in the order.

5. Personalized Customer Service

It’s common for major suppliers and chains to aim for sales targets, which means they will try to offer you what is most expensive, no matter what your needs are. Make sure you select a PPE supplier that communicates well with you. If they make you talk to several representatives or they are not as responsive, those are not good signs about the quality of care you’re receiving.

When selecting quality PPE suppliers, you should expect them to pay attention to you, respond to any questions quickly, and keep you informed from order placement to delivery. A reputable PPE supplier will understand your organization’s needs and ensure your satisfaction.

6. Competitive Prices

Despite the high price tag these PPE products often carry, many businesses save money using a reputable supplier who maintains good relationships with their supply chains. Choosing a PPE supplier is dependent on considering the prices of the PPE products, such as face shields and face masks.

7. Large Selection of Products

Some PPE suppliers may not have the brand recognition of certain large stores, but the same range of product selection is often still available.

Entering a large department store means that you are on your own, choosing from what is available. With a respected PPE supplier, you can take advantage of their support team and ask questions. You have the opportunity to review not just the products available but get the supplier’s recommendations as well.

Work With a Reliable PPE Supplier

ICU Production Inc. is a minority-owned company with over five decades of combined experience in assisting organizations in protecting their workers with proper PPE.

The equipment we supply meets the industry’s highest standards and offers exceptional protection to workers at major corporations and local organizations in all sectors. Visit our website to view our full range of PPE.