Level 4 Coveralls Gowns

Level 4 Coveralls Gowns

Level 4 coveralls are gowns intended to offer similar protection to level 4 medical gowns as an effective barrier against bodily fluids. They are designed for high-risk scenarios, but they may be more suitable to other situations that a standard medical gown has not been tested for. Protective apparel is regulated by the FDA, which recognizes AAMI pb70 standards for levels of barrier protection.

AAMI level 4 surgical gowns offer a high level of protection against blood, body fluids, and other potentially infectious materials that are non-airborne, while level 1 CPE gowns offer the lowest level of protection. However, the ANSI/AAMI PB70 standard measures only liquid barrier testing for surgical and isolation gowns. Level 4 coverall gowns offer the highest level of protection because they also keep out dry particulate matter.

Dry particulates such as airborne pathogens are dangerous because they are so small they can enter the lungs. While level 4 coveralls do not protect you from breathing these in, this type of personal protective equipment (PPE) can protect healthcare workers from blood-borne pathogens, viral penetration, wet and dry microbial penetration, hydrostatic pressure, and impact penetration.

Testing for these types of coveralls adheres to ASTM F1671, the Standard Test Method for Resistance of Materials Used in Protective Clothing to Penetration by Blood-Borne Pathogens, and ASTM F1670, the Standard Test Method for Resistance of Materials Used in Protective Clothing to Penetration by Synthetic Blood. All ICU Productions level 4 coveralls have been thoroughly tested and passed all requisite examinations.

For personal protective equipment that means national standards, choose ICU Productions. ICU Productions offer level 4 coverall gowns alongside level 4 medical gowns and a wide variety of other personal protective equipment to help with patient care.

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