New Disposable Gloves are Reasons to Cheer the New Year

Those looking for new nitrile and latex gloves in the coming weeks may notice that some are coming in different packaging than before. This is because of the increasing demand for gloves coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic. More than a full year into the COVID-19 pandemic, the disposable glove market faces a supply challenge. Glove manufacturers are increasing their production across the board and dedicating themselves to providing more protection for consumers.

The Current Disposable Glove Market

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is continuing to monitor the glove shortages as vaccination rates rise and case numbers decrease. Mass vaccination sites are increasing the demand for disposable gloves in the healthcare field. The need for these products is also high in industries such as entertainment and hospitality, where sanitation and cleanliness are more vital to worker safety.

Gloves are also in short supply worldwide. In the face of a spike in COVID-19 cases in developing countries, glove manufacturers are looking for ways to distribute gloves more widely, which should help in increasing global supplies of disposable gloves.

Business owners should consider how many disposable gloves they will need for their business ahead of time to stay ahead of the curve. As one of the largest providers of personal protective equipment (PPE), ICU Production Inc. strives to meet customer demand. Our team will do everything we can to help you meet your supply needs and protect your employees.

Available Glove Types

The ICU Production Inc. line of disposable surgical and exam-grade gloves is perfect for any industry. Our gloves are made from the highest quality materials and are specially designed to make your hands feel comfortable while at work.

Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile gloves are high in demand because of their strength, flexibility, and chemical resistance. Nitrile gloves are made of synthetic rubber, which makes them ideal for those with latex allergies.

Expect nitrile gloves to be in high demand not only in the medical field but other industries as well, including food service, salon and beauty, automotive, and others that come into contact with pollutants and people constantly.

Latex Gloves

Latex gloves are another alternative to nitrile gloves for medical, sanitation, food service, and industrial services. They are made of natural rubber that offers similar protection to nitrile gloves and are FDA-approved for food service use. Unlike vinyl gloves, they are highly protective against punctures and tearing.

Latex industrial grade gloves provide several advantages, including unrivaled comfort, durability, and dexterity. In addition to powdered latex gloves, powderless latex gloves are also available to prevent skin irritation. We also offer large latex gloves, which are twice as thick as regular latex gloves.

Vinyl Gloves

Vinyl industrial gloves are an excellent mix of elastomers and polyvinyl chloride that contains no latex. The loose fit is suitable for food preparation, first-aid, and environments with low exposure to bacteria.

Vinyl gloves are available in powder-free varieties and are the ideal choice for handling hazardous materials. Moreover, vinyl gloves are suitable for handling electronics since they are anti-static. Even though they are less resistant to wear and tear, they still provide a great alternative to nitrile and latex gloves.

black disposable gloves

Nitrile-Vinyl Gloves

In comparison to other gloves, nitrile-vinyl gloves provide a protective chemical barrier at an affordable price. Nitrile and vinyl are synthetic materials, not natural rubbers, unlike latex.

Nitrile-vinyl gloves do not protect well against hazardous toxins, which is why they are typically used in non-hazardous industries such as food preparation. These gloves are powder-free and combine the best features of both materials.

Rest Easy When You Purchase Disposable Gloves

ICU Production Inc. aims to support the demand for high-quality, FDA-approved hand protection during the ongoing pandemic. We are simplifying packaging layouts and making buying PPE supplies accessible during this challenging time. At ICU Production Inc., we provide a wide variety of glove materials and work hard to support our customers’ needs.

To ensure that our customers survive the pandemic and beyond, we are committed to supplying them with the products they need. ICU Production Inc. is a reliable PPE source for every industry that requires protection and safety. Explore our website for our full range of protective gear.