PPE Overview

PPE Overview

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is designed to protect the wearer from potentially harmful substances and pathogens. At ICU Production, we offer PPE that protects against liquids, particles, and droplet and airborne viruses. Our gloves, masks, and gowns are all CDC and FDA certified and follow standard rating systems for the industry.

  • Gloves


    We offer gloves in multiple materials to ensure you will find the best option for your needs. We sell pure nitrile, nitrile-vinyl blend, and vinyl gloves in addition to the standard latex gloves. We understand the importance of various options, especially for healthcare workers with a latex allergy.

  • Masks


    Our masks follow the standard international rating guidelines. Choose between the ASMT-rated 3-ply masks for liquid protection, N95 and KN95 masks for protection against airborne pathogens, and face shields and goggles for an additional layer of barrier protection

    We are also proud to offer kid-sized masks to make it easier for immune-compromised children to remain safe.

  • Gowns


    We offer gowns from Level 1 to Level 4 per the ANSI/AAMI rating system. You can choose between PP/PE or SMS material, and all our level 2-4 gowns come in both sterile and non-sterile varieties.

    We also have level 4 coveralls for those who need freedom of mobility as well as protection.

  • Face Shields

    Face Shields

    ICU Production is an industry leader in personal protection equipment, offering a wide array of regular face shields, glasses, and goggles to serve your infection-control and safety needs.

  • Hand Sanitizers

    Hand Sanitizers

    ICU Production offers FDA and CDC approved hand sanitizers in multiple sizes. Our sizes range from pocket-friendly individual bottles to bulk purchases, making it simple to keep your hands clean and sanitized at all times. We also offer liquid sanitizer for hand and surface cleaning. All our sanitizer contains at least 75% ethanol.

  • Disinfection Wipes

    Disinfection Wipes

    ICU Production has served healthcare and retail clients worldwide for more than a decade to meet a wide range of PPE needs. Along with our inventory of safety masks, gloves, and more, we offer soft packs and canisters of disinfectant wipes to help kill germs and reduce the risk of spreading infection.

  • Kids PPE

    Kids PPE

    To protect your entire family, ICU Production provides an expansive selection of high-quality masks and face shields, including kids 3-ply masks and kids face shields in different protection levels and styles. High-level masks are recommended for those who may experience a higher pathogen exposure, while low-level masks are ideal for daily use at school or for wearing to the store.

Trust in ICU Production

ICU Production has received certification from the CDC and the FDA, and we only offer the highest quality PPE. We are active in our community and have donated PPE to hospitals and schools to ensure everyone has access to protection.

Email us or send us a message through our contact form to learn more about our company, values, and how we can help you stay safe. We are happy to answer any questions you have about our products and our process.

Trust in ICU Production
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