The Ultimate Guide to Personalized Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is an essential part of workplace PPE, especially during flu season and the COVID-19 pandemic. The CDC recommends choosing a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol content, closely following directions for use, and only selecting products that are FDA approved. Hand sanitizer is not a replacement for soap and water, but sanitizing is a sufficient alternative when the latter is unavailable.

Whether you’re an employer or an employee, you understand the importance of wearing adequate PPE in the workplace, whether face masks, gloves, or medical gowns. But when it comes to combating COVID-19 outbreaks at gatherings like corporate events or meetings, consider supplying yourself or your staff with personalized hand sanitizers to keep at their desks or carry on their person throughout the day. Help stop the spread of germs and promote company pride simultaneously.

What is Custom Hand Sanitizer?

These promotional products are popping up everywhere, allowing companies to promote their business on the label of a sanitizer while also supporting hand hygiene. Personalized hand sanitizers are great for trade shows, conferences, and company meetings where people are taking time out of their lives to gather and listen to information about your corporation.

Handing out custom hand sanitizer bottles at the conclusion of the event allows you to express gratitude, leave the company logo in their mind, and prevent the spread of germs.

While this has always been a vital practice during flu season, it’s become even more of a priority for most people amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Demonstrating a clean event space can improve the way your company is viewed and put guests at ease, knowing they are in an environment where sanitizing is valued.

It might seem like a basic gift to giveaway, but much thought goes into creating these customized promotional items. Besides ensuring a safe product, it also needs to reflect the face of your company and be visually appealing to those who receive it. There are three critical aspects to consider for these products:

  • The label
  • The style of sanitizer bottle (size, shape, design)
  • The content of the bottle

Creating the perfect combination of these elements can be challenging, but if you get the right bottle, label, and product, you’ll be able to hand out a promotional gift that your company is proud of, leaving a lasting impression.

Personalized Hand Sanitizer

Tips for Curating a Personalized Hand Sanitizer

If your company wants to promote health and safety at an upcoming event, personalized hand sanitizer is a great option. Start thinking about the process well in advance of the date you’ll need these personalized products. It takes time to research, shop, design, and print labels. You’ll need to make several decisions about the way the sanitizer bottle looks, plus what goes inside.

The bottle

The first thing to consider is the bottle itself. What style of personalized product are you creating? Are you going to simply place pedestal sanitizing dispenser stations around the event grounds with a company logo on it, or will you be handing out tiny 1 oz. bottles of sanitizer for guest’s purses. Maybe you’ll want to invest in a couple of 16 oz. bottles for office in the future as well.

Once you determine the size of the sanitizer product, choose a style. Though it may surprise you, there’s plenty of options on the market, and some are more high-end than others. You can opt for a standard hand sanitizer gel bottle with a cap or a cylindrical bottle suited to spray sanitizers.

Credit card sanitizers are also a hot trend, ideal for keeping in your pocket on the go because they’re so thin. They also make it easy to display a company logo on their flat surface. The choices you make regarding the sanitizer bottles impact the type of sanitizer you choose later in the process.

The label

Designing the label is the most significant part of the process from a promotional standpoint. Whether you’re handing out sanitizer to company employees or potential business partners at a trade show, you want your labels to look professional and appealing.

Think about whether you want a full color label or if you’re going to save money by printing in black and white. The logo and label will go in the imprint area. The size depends on what scale of sanitizer bottle you opt for. For the most part, the imprint area on a personalized sanitizer promotional product will be quite small. Use the space wisely to display your company name and logo image clearly.

Depending on the distribution setting, you might want to commemorate an event name on the label, remind people where they got the bottle, and evoke memories of the experience. This can be a fantastic marketing tool but ensure you’re not overcrowding your imprint area.

The sanitizing liquid or gel

The final step in creating your promotional hand sanitizer product is to determine what you’re going to put in the bottle. Start by strictly adhering to CDC recommendations and choosing an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. You want to ensure this personalized gift is not only attractive but effective at killing germs.

Avoid sanitizers that say they are “alcohol-free” and stay away from anything with less than 60% alcohol. These products simply won’t work effectively. You may also want to consult the FDA’s Hand Sanitizer Do-Not-Use List to ensure whatever your filling your bottles with hasn’t been blacklisted.

An essential consideration in selecting your sanitizer is whether you need a gel or liquid product. The choice between the two is pre-determined based on what style of bottle you’re working with. If you have opted for spray bottles, naturally, you’ll need a sanitizing liquid. If not, you can work with a gel. While both gels and liquid sprays are widely used, studies suggest that liquid sanitizer sprays may offer superior performance because they act more quickly. While gels need thorough rubbing all over the hands for at least 30 seconds, liquid sanitizers can cover more area and work in just 15 seconds.

You can also select a scent for your sanitizer if you want to give the user a more pleasant experience. Many hand sanitizers have a sharp, sterile smell that people find unappealing. Ethanol-based products, in particular, are very pungent. Choosing a product with a lavender or citrus scent might incline people to use it more often.

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